Monday, 6 February 2012

Dragon's Den, Newport Style!

I got to channel my inner Hilary Devey on Friday as one of the 'Dragons' judging pitches by Nash College students. So, eschewing the shoulder pads, but with a  disturbingly similar hair style, I took my place on the panel along with some that would give the real Dragon's a run for their money! It was a fantastic experience and the teams should be very proud of themselves for what they produced. Four teams all with completely different visions and all delivered very, very well....some much better than those featured on the TV show, no joke. They aren't business students and yet showed not only creativity but an excellent understading of what is needed to carry ideas through to production. I wish them all every luck with whatever career paths they take.
Oh to be 19 again, going out into the world with it's infinite possibilities..