Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Creative Craft Skills: Jewellery - Final Learner Designs

Well, we made it to the end of our 8 week accredited course and a massive thank you to all the learners who hung in there and did some great work. 
We will have a little while to wait for certificates but I'm confident everyone has covered the necessary criteria required to achieve the learning outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of health and safety requirements to undertake creative activity
  2. Develop ideas for creative activity
  3. Experiment with media using a sketchbook and/or journal
  4. Understand the importance of planning for activity
  5. Explore and use materials and equipment within given context
  6. Explore and use techniques to undertake activity within given contexts.
Each learner's work was required to meet the necessary assessment criteria and they were asked to show evidence of carrying out all of the following:
  • Identify and agree to studio/work room safety rules
  • Use materials and equipment safely
  • Identify a range of sources (at least three) for ideas
  • State how these might be used in creative activity
  • Use a  sketchbook and/or journal to record exploration of ideas.
  • Give own response to the development of ideas
  • Identify each stage of the activity
  • For each stage, state the tasks and list the materials required
  • Identify any problems at each stage and state how work is modified as it progresses
  • Identify materials/equipment needed for chosen activity
  • State how these will be used
  • Experiment with those selected and state possibilities and constraints
  • Use basic techniques to execute activity
  • Experiment with techniques and identify possibilities and constraints
Phew, lots of work and at the outset, all 10 learners had varying skills, from complete beginners with no prior experience of attending an adult course, to regular makers that have achieved accreditation in other subjects, and were familiar with the process. It was also my first time teaching an accredited course and  if I were to teach this again I would certainly change some areas of my assessment evidence but I am very pleased with the work produced as everyone now understands the design process, the importance of planning a task as well as knowing what the tools do and which materials to use them with. Everyone started with a  basic kit and the results are very different. Each did indeed experiment with the tools, materials and techniques and felt confident in identifying constraints and how to research possibilities to execute the activity successfully. 

Well done all and I'll see some of you soon on the next  course!         

Sue incorporated spirals
effectively throughout her design
Steph chose a piece of lace for her mixed media,
adding a  pretty metal butterfly for extra detail

Annette combined crystal beads and
a  family photo to personalize her  piece
Julie used pastel coloured beads and
feature details to individualize her brooch

Lyn introduced red beads and a cameo to
create a  vibrant design
Pat utilized chain to attach her main bead drops in an asymmetrical style

Sandra used her VW photo as inspiration,
 bringing colour and quirkiness to the design
Tracy embellished her beads and used a snowflake design creatively for her sumptuous piece

For Corinne, it had to be green! Her image was
chosen to make her smile :)
Nic chose complementary lilacs to enhance the design, adding a pretty crystal heart 

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Carer's Day Caerphilly County Borough Council

I was very pleased to attend the Carers Day event for the second time on Tuesday and thanks to the staff and ladies who joined me to make jewellery for a lovely day.

This year I decided to provide elasticated, glass bead bracelet sets and the simple kits proved popular with over 20 being made between them. Of course an event like this isn't really about learning a new skill, it's about providing a relaxing and enjoyable few hours for the people who spend their lives caring for loved ones on a daily basis. I'm always struck by the strength on show by the carers who never complain about the difficulties they face, instead choosing to focus on supporting each other and sharing their stories. It was a pleasure talking to everyone and I think they all enjoyed going home with their bracelets. It was especially nice to meet several of the ladies who remembered making items with me last time and at other workshops.