Thursday, 7 March 2013

Carer's Day Caerphilly County Borough Council

I was very pleased to attend the Carers Day event for the second time on Tuesday and thanks to the staff and ladies who joined me to make jewellery for a lovely day.

This year I decided to provide elasticated, glass bead bracelet sets and the simple kits proved popular with over 20 being made between them. Of course an event like this isn't really about learning a new skill, it's about providing a relaxing and enjoyable few hours for the people who spend their lives caring for loved ones on a daily basis. I'm always struck by the strength on show by the carers who never complain about the difficulties they face, instead choosing to focus on supporting each other and sharing their stories. It was a pleasure talking to everyone and I think they all enjoyed going home with their bracelets. It was especially nice to meet several of the ladies who remembered making items with me last time and at other workshops.

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