Thursday, 28 February 2013

Creative Craft Skills - Weeks 4-6

I've not had a chance to write an update about the course for a couple of weeks but that doesn't mean we haven't all been busy!
The learners have all been experimenting with materials and tools to produce ideas they need to incorporate in their main design. They've all been recording their ideas in the sketch books and making notes.

For me, the beauty of this course is the chance to explore more than just making a particular item to a set objective and learning only how to create that one piece. By experimenting with design and recognizing how to identify possible sources for ideas, the learners have demonstrated an array of styles and hopefully will take this skill away with them and use for future projects.
One of the learners, Annette has already managed to implement this in some of her other craft work and I was delighted to hear it was thanks to this course that she felt inspired to use colours and patterns she had found in everyday objects. Her lovely glass work results were thanks to the pattern on a pair of curtains and more jewellery ideas came from a  decorative box pattern. Well done Annette and I look forward to seeing more.

Another learner, Steph has also been busy exploring ideas and is becoming quite adept at making beautiful jewellery. She was inspired to make a wirework project by James Ferris in Making Jewellery magazine and I think you'll agree the result is fantastic! Steph was already very creative when I first met her and she has put all the skills she has learnt at workshops and on the course to very productive use. 
I hope she won't mind if I share this too as I think he's a cute little guy! Steph has chosen to use the coiling and spiral techniques I've taught during the course and combined the wire with beads to make a giraffe.
So the learners have been busy and all the work in their workbooks goes towards achieving their certificates. Unfortunately I've had to cancel week 7 and move it to next week. We will then be looking to complete the main task.
The aim of the main task is to meet all the criteria while producing a finished design. The final pieces will need to incorporate all the techniques covered and include  an example of mixed media. Learners are asked to record their own responses to the development of ideas and any constraints encountered, along with how these are resolved. By the end of this course all should have learned the tools and materials names and uses and be competent in applying them to various techniques. 
Going away from the course I hope everyone will be confident enough in their skills to create their own designs and be able to apply their knowledge to produce them and explore further techniques.

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