Friday, 25 November 2011

A Taste of Enterprise- Starting a Business

I was browsing the Taste of Enterprise website today and stumbled across the'client' section that contained some info about me and when I started up in business with the Enterprise's help. I don't remember seeing it before but it was interesting to read my own words several years later and compare to how things have progressed...and stalled! What strikes me is my passion for making jewellery has clearly not abated and luckily I am still doing what I love. Of course my '5 year plan' hasn't gone exactly as I'd expected, mainly because of the arrival of our gorgeous daughter nearly 4 years ago and the financial difficulties we all face have naturally had a knock on effect for even big businesses, much less minute ones like mine. On the positive side my designs still sell (YAY!) and I now have several fantastic outlets stocking my work (Model house Llantrisant, Visit Caerphilly Centre, Bojangles Monmouth
Lemon Blues Pentre   Flowers of Distinction Caerphilly and Taste of Enterprise Ebbw Vale

Working for yourself is never an easy option but it has given me huge opportunities over the years to do a diverse range of things and has undoubtedly made me a more confident person. If it is something you want badly enough you can make it work. Taste of Enterprise will be holding more Taster Sessions in the New Year and  I would strongly advise anyone interested in a new venture to seek their help.

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