Monday, 21 January 2013

Creative Craft Skills - Jewellery Week 2

Luckily week 2 of the jewellery course at Bedwas was able to go ahead before the snow arrived and all the ladies turned up so I must have done something right in week 1!
We are settled at 10 learners now and I was very pleased to see everyone had worked hard on the home  task and the fun project turned out better than I could have hoped.
Everyone was asked to start recording ideas in their sketch books and collect examples for the 'mixed media' task. The 'mood boards' they created were spot on and from these everyone produced unique ideas for their tags/brooches. This task also covered some of the required criteria and can be drawn on later for the main project if needed.

These are the lovely ladies joining me for the duration of the course and I must say, a nicer group I couldn't ask for!

Learners were introduced to the basic tools we will be using during the course and a list provided to ensure everyone has their own pliers and equipment. Flat nosed, narrow/snipe nosed, round nosed pliers, top or side cutters and if possible a flat needle file are main tools needed and we will also be using crimping pliers.
A beading mat or non slip mat and an ice cube tray to hold beads are useful too.

For the home task this week everyone was provided with an earring kit I put together that incorporates the findings and beads they will use for the main design. Learners are asked to sketch some ideas for designs only at this stage, demonstrating alternative styles, noting accurate length measurements and state possible limitations of the design. The raw materials include tigertail which is a fine, coated wire that can be crimped to secure beads in place, eye pins to create a beaded link, head pins to hold beads (these can be left long, cut shorter or make a wrapped loop), chain,  bead caps to add detail and a  selection of metal beads to incorporate as required.
 A range of basic techniques will be used for making the earrings including crimping, looping, opening & shutting links and wire wrapping. These ideas should be included at the design stage then we will work towards showing examples of each. The knowledge gained during these tasks will all help learners grow in confidence with their work and be ready to put all their new skills to good use to complete the main task.

Learners are encouraged to do some research of jewellery making websites to get ideas of how to use the materials in various ways and if they find any good examples, make a note of the links and we can access them during the course to demonstrate ICT applications.

Week 3 will see more criteria met as learners will be asked to recognize the different tools & their uses and while making their earrings, demonstrate safe use of these while carrying out basic techniques. 
Looking forward to it. 

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